About Us

Welcome to Tara Tirtha Special

Tara Tirtha Special is a tour and travel organising company founded by me, Mr. Shekhar Nath, and I’m also the present director of the company. We find immense pleasure to describe Tara Tirtha Special as an organisation rather than a company. While initiating the description of Tara Tirtha Special, I can’t avoid the incident which prompted the formation of our organisation. I have been in travel and tourism business for the last 35 years, and in the beginning, I just used to run few buses which used to travel to various tourist destination in India, and abroad tour included Nepal, Bhutan etc, more than the travel packages, I used to concentrate more on customer’s safety, comfort, advantage, profit and consequently customer’s satisfaction. As I started receiving feedbacks from customers on their satisfaction, my passions started multiplying exponentially, and the passion reached such a level, the outcome of it became the founding of Tara Tirtha special. Now, Tara Tirtha Special has already crossed the milestone of two decades, and in this journey have provided excellent travelling experience to more than several thousands of our customers. We have attended and served our esteemed customers through many tour and travel fair. The most recent of them is TTF held at Khsudiram Anusilan and Netaji Indoor Stadium. Tara Tirtha Special as of now provides various ranges of facilities for our esteemed customer’s which very few other companies in the business provides. Some of them are as follows:

1. We provide personal accident policy for covering a risk of Rs. 1, 00,000 at free of costs.

2. All the tourist destinations across the country have been covered.

3. TaraTirtha Special promote the works of IRCTC through Spice Safar.

4. Tara Tirtha Special is also an associated member of TAAHAT and TAB as well as Andhra Pradesh TOURISM.
And last but not the least, providing highest possible hospitality, care and safety is and will
always remain as our motto.

Why we are different

Tara Tirtha Special as a travel arrangers are diffrent than others in business in many areas.
Ours is the only organization which cares about the comfort and safety of our customers. While arranging our programs, we provide the greatest emphasis on travellers comfort. We are the one who ensures accident insurance absolutely free of cost which others in the business seldom do. We are the one who takes care of economy as we are LFC approved. Are you geting surprised or overwhelmed? Anyways, we provide travel across the length and breadth of our country, with facilities of luxury hotels at an affordable price. We are moving forward, we have already made a tie up with Andhra Pradesh Tourism and moving forward... Till where? Sky is the limit....